Planet FPV present the 1st online virtual freestyle contest

where there’ll be a maximum of 30 pilots on the Velocidrone “Planet FPV map” competing one by one.

(Join us on PlanetFPV Facebook Page for the LIVESTREAM) ūüėČ

There will be 5 judges for this event, evaluating technical difficulty, smoothness and precision of your flight


If you want to be part of this event join us on our discord server here :
‚úä‚úä‚úä ‚úä‚úä‚úä

Your Host David Whiddon

Here’s the Jury :



Jeff Orta A.K.A. Vort3x 

Doug Crasher A.k.A BotGrinder

Lexie Janson A.k.A MAIOnHigh

Gabriel Kocher A.k.A Gab707

Corey Tapp A.k.A Cricket FPV


And  Colby Curtola A.k.A SFPV 

As Manager Of Velocidrone Server 

Rules of event :

  • Openclass and no battery limitation for this event
  • Qualification 60 second
  • You will have¬†2 min to do all the tricks you want
  • Other pilots can spectate so they can vote for their favorite pilot who will earn points for public choice. (*special prize)
  • You can loose points when you crash or repeat a trick too many times. 3 Crash = DNF
  • Try to use every structures you can in your run
  • You will be judge base on : Skillz (difficulty of trick) Smoothness (overall link between tricks , flow easy to follow), and Precision (tight place or large sky moove)


Here’s how to download the Freestyle Map for Planet FPV contest !!!
This is version1.0 final map may have some change depend on your feedback ! tell us what you think 

If we have the budget this will be the park with all those structure, maybe next year.  For now you can try Planetfpv Monstertrack too! Just like the park today (as best as the editor can handle ***hard on pc) !!!



3 prizes will be given to the top 3 in points of this event :

  • 1st place : Caddx Turtle FPV HD Camera
  • 2nd :¬†TrueRC X2-air antenna
  • 3rd : TeamBlack Sheep Wallet


The event will be stream LIVE on facebook !! so stay tuned to PlanetFPV facebook Page…

VelociDrone Team BlackSheep TrueRC Canada inc.

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